There are three types of entities in Eve’s null-sec space opera (actually 4 but we don’t honestly count those in NPC null-sec).

  1. Those that own the space
  2. Those that rent the space from those in group 1 and are at the whim of group 1’s beck and call (Eve collectively calls these PETS)
  3. Those that rent space from those in group 1 and are left to do whatever they wish as long as they pay the rent

My corporation and alliance falls into the third group. We rent space from Solar Fleet who in turn lets us do practically anything we want. They don’t require us to join their CTA’s or go on this campaign or that. There are RARE instances were they actually do ask us to participate in CTA’s and what not LXQ being one of them. For the most part however we can upgrade our systems however we like, mine the moons, setup POS’s, and if clearance is granted even establish Outposts. That being said the rent is High and to be honest to be able to freely develop the systems we own, not be on a 23.5/7 CTA watch, not to be harassed to join every stupid little roaming gang to defend absolutely nothing after taking 3 hours to setup..sorry I digressed, I feel the ISK cost is worth it.

There has been some back and forth in the corporation lately on whether to stay out in The Spire, or to try and find another Alliance to rent space from in a different null-sec region. Basically what brought about this discussion was the lack of having rat bounties and only receiving drone poop for salvage. The overall  lack of PVP, Station offices, Manufacturing and Research slots, various other issues, and then there was the issue of “Renting” from a Russian alliance bloc.

I don’t see a real difference between renting from one Non Russian alliance or another, especially when it comes to renting.  In the end the renters always get royally raped by those alliances, or at a whim of a hat “removed” or they have their rental agreements voided. Normally it is because of an alleged reason, typically having to do with not being involved with a “quota” of PVP and defence ops, or some big alliance moron not liking how the renter alliance members behave..usually in the end it is over some petty bullshit.

Now before Dominion’s release the “old” style power blocs generally treated their Indy/Miner corps (aka carebears) or their renter corps/alliances like annoying trash for the most part and would continually ignore or just boot them out and replace them with yet another identical Indy/Miner/Renter corporation or alliance, and rinse and repeat. With the release of Dominion a year or so ago that dynamic changed things just a wee bit. Now these “old” style power blocs had to start “wooing” or at the very least start listening to those Indy/Miner/Renter corporations or alliances so that their precious “Sphere of Influence” could be maintained. What happens when these “old” power blocs don’t listen to their renters issues? Hell take a look at Atlas! Take your pick of Southern Alliances. In some cases even the mighty NC, Goons, or IT. 

Slowly we are starting to see these alliances start to wake up to the new post-dominion reality of having to look at the entire alliance and not just the PVP elite side of the equation. However some of these “old” and even some of these newer alliances still just don’t get the picture. They focus solely on the vocal voices of their PVP elite community and as typical of the PVP elite community they disregard those same people who enable their PVP fun. 

Now where I DO see a difference between Russian Alliances and everyone else is the implied “Rental Agreements”. Now while the Russians don’t really want to deal with their carebear renters, they at least respect them enough to know that they are a necessary evil in this new post-dominion game. Through the various discussions within our corporation I have to agree with our corp diplomat and our CEO that of all the alliances out in 0.0 the Russians seem to be most fair when it comes to renting space. For the most part they will let you just do you own thing without trying to micromanage how you play or what you do with your time in-and-out of game.

Is it cheap?? Hell no. Is it a friendly relationship?? ehh maybe, but the one thing the Russian’s offer that most Non Russians don’t is PEACE and a great deal of freedom to do what you want and not be at their every beck and call, and honestly I see more people getting screwed over by the Non Russian alliances when it comes to renting space.

So I am happy we have decided to stay out in The Spire for various reasons that I have already discussed in other posts, but overall I am pleased with our Russian Overlords. I wish a lot of the other large alliances took this same view point. But I guess we all have wishes.